Kenya: Soft Commodities– Tea and Coffee

Kenya is Sub- Saharan Africa’s largest tea exporter
Kenya is Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading tea exporter in addition to being among the world’s largest black tea producers. Within East Africa, Kenya is the key producer, accounting for 59.6% of total production in Africa on average over the past six years (2008-2013), well above its competitors, Uganda (8.7%), Tanzania (5.1%), Rwanda (3.6%) and Burundi (1.2%). There has been noteworthy growth in tea output, attributable to good weather as well as increase in total tea acreage, over the past decade recording a 6.3% 3 year CAGR. Total output has grown 37.2% over the past decade, from 324.0m Kgs in 2004 to 444.8m Kgs in 2014. In 2014, total tea acreage stood at 203,000 Ha (+2.2% y/y), with small holder farms at 128,600ha (+1.0% y/y) and estate farms accounting for 74,400ha (+4.3% y/y). In Kenya, tea is among the largest foreign exchange earners, accounting for 20.0% of the value of exports in 2014 equivalent to KES 94.0bn.


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